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As teenagers test the waters with high-risk behaviors, their parents often don't know what to do. In desperation, they seek the advice of educational consultants, and enroll their teens in programs that can have devastating effects. We now know that  these programs quite often subject teens to considerable trauma and abuse. Major advances have been made in the study of the long-term, physiological effects this trauma can have. is a resource for anyone seeking to identify a dangerous program, ways to get help if they or someone they know is struggling, and how they can speak out about their experiences in the unregulated Troubled Teen Industry.

exposing a public health crisis


Download and share our inforgraphcs to help others learn more about the Troubled Teen Industry.


Our mission is to make the Troubled Teen Industry synonymous with the physiological and psychological effects they have on the developing brains and bodies of our youth. One day, the Troubled Teen Industry might serve as a universal model of an unregulated industry that has caused irreparable trauma to thousands of families in the name of helping them. This resource is designed to offer reputable scientific findings in a comprehensive, educational format. Helping the public identify dangerous programs, offering public health resources for our global community, and giving a voice to those who want to tell their story.

Vital Information

Over the last two decades, major strides have been made in the study of developmental processes and the harmful effects that early adversity can have on our youth. We have curated this collection of comprehensive information to help our global community identify dangerous programs and inform them about the physiological harm they can inflict. To offer resources to those who are struggling, and at last provide a groundbreaking vehicle for survivors to speak out.

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Modern Cults

What most people including parents think of cults is far different than the reality. Modern cults hide in unregulated industries and there are ways to identify them.

Trauma and the Body

In recent years, major advances have been made in understanding the effects of childhood trauma on the body. Learning about them could save your child's life.


Quite often when we are struggling, we are unable to ask for help. We have prepared a collection of public health resources for those who may be struggling or know someone who is.

Take Action

Our affiliates have compiled the world's largest archive of interviews about the Troubled Teen Industry. Learn how you can contribute your story, in-depth, to various documentary, publishing, and podcast productions. Speaking out is a movement.

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